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    Sacramento Family Counseling

    Family is incredibly important. It’s a place where we feel safe and secure, accepted, and loved.

    But every family goes through a rough patch, which can be due to many things, such as mental illness, grief, substance abuse, anger, or even stress.

    This is where Sacramento family therapy can help.

    Through counseling and treatment, couples, children, and even extended members of a family can learn how to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts.


    Explore Professional Counseling Services in Sacramento. Get the Support You Need for Mental Well-being and Growth.


    What is Family Therapy?

    No family is perfect. Every home faces unique problems and challenges, and it’s completely normal. However, sometimes, when things go out of hand, it can trigger stress, frustration, and disagreement at home.

    One way to keep a family moving forward is to be able to understand and determine the needs of individuals and balance them out with the well-being of the whole family.

    Family therapy is a unique type of therapy that can help address many issues within your home. No matter how small or big your issue is, a family therapist can help.

    How Can Therapy Benefit Your Family?

    There are many ways therapy can benefit your family.

    It helps you adjust to changes.

    It isn’t always easy to welcome change. A divorce or separation, moving to a new city or country, losing a loved one are just a few of the many things that can cause great distress in a family.

    Luckily, no matter how hard and impossible it seems, your family can adapt and recover from unwanted changes with therapy.

    It helps a family deal with and heal from a mental Illness.

    Mental illness can be an extremely painful and traumatic time for a family. Looking after a family member who has a mental health problem can be difficult, especially when they have little understanding of the illness. 

    Moreover, family members can have different perceptions about the issue and have conflicts about the solution. Ultimately, this leads to feelings of frustration, helplessness, guilt, and compassion fatigue.

    Clearly Better Family Counseling offers a safe, caring, and non-judgmental place for a family dealing with mental illness, addiction, or other related issues.

    We have a team of highly trained and proficient family therapists who will help you develop a deeper understanding of mental illness, promote family strengths, and support them throughout healing and recovery.

    It strengthens relationships.

    Family therapy can help families develop and maintain healthy boundaries, learn healthy ways to manage conflicts, build empathy and understanding, and communicate effectively. With therapy, you and your family can learn better ways to interact and relate to one another. 

    Clearly Better Family Counseling For Individuals and Families

    Clearly Better Family Counseling is a leading Sacramento counseling center. We aim to bring families together and uncover and address their issues.

    We have a team of experienced mental health professionals, including licensed social workers, professional counselors, and clinical psychologists who offer personalized family therapy sessions.

    Their extensive training, background, and credentials provide them with the tools needed to resolve conflicts and strengthen relationships.

    We use evidence-based techniques to help families heal from emotional distress and improve their relationships.

    If your family is in dire straits and you’ve done all you can to keep everyone together, let us hear your story. Our team has helped hundreds of families overcome hurdles. We can help you and your family too.

    Call us today at (916) 234-0414 so we can talk about how we can best help you and your family start feeling better soon.

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