Family Mental Health Creates Relational Wealth

We come alongside families and join them in creating the healing, trust, shared purpose, and skill they need to meet the specific needs of their family because everyone wants to look forward to going home.

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    About Us

    Let's Co-Create Solutions to Parenting Your Family

    We all need help sometimes. And if you are struggling, let's talk about the best way to get things back on track. With the right guidance and support, it may be easier than you think.

    Our Services

    We Provide the Best in Mental Health Services

    Whether it's for you, your child, or your marriage or relationship, we can help. 

    Couples Counseling

    Discover Effective Couples Counseling in Sacramento to Rekindle Your Relationship.

    Family Counseling

    Enhance Family Harmony and Communication with Professional Family Counseling in Sacramento.

    Counseling For Kids

    Professional Counseling Services for Kids in Sacramento. Empowering Children to Thrive and Overcome Challenges.

    Teen Counseling

    Expert Teen Counseling in Sacramento. Empowering Teens to Navigate Challenges and Cultivate Mental Well-being.

    Child Counseling

    Professional Child Counseling in Sacramento. Supporting Children's Emotional Well-being and Growth.

    Customers Feedback

    Our Customer Reviews

    Discover the Real Experiences of Our Customers. Read Their Honest Reviews and Find Out Why They Love Our Service.

    They are goal-oriented. I feel like I have something to check off.

    Jose G
    Jose G


    I liked the approach he is planning to use for me

    Kelly B
    Kelly B


    I felt that my therapist did a really good job with talking to me about my negative thoughts. They are extremally helpful.

    Peter T
    Peter T


    Our Pricing

    Affordable Pricing Plan

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    Individual Therapy

    $39 /Month

    *Terms and conditions

    Family Therapy

    $79 /Month

    *Terms and conditions

    Group Therapy

    $99 /Month

    *Terms and conditions

    Our Psychologist

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    Our clinicians draw upon decades of experience helping individuals and families improve their mental health. We have only the best, top-caliber therapists in Sacramento passionate about helping you get better.


    Daren Casagrande

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


    Lindsey Ayala

    IFECMHS Certified

    Collaborating Doesn't Mean You're Failing it, It Means You're Nailing It

    We co-create a plan with you that will help all of you to actually live out the things you know you need to do, and we have lots of experience troubleshooting until it works. We work as a team, coming from different disciplines, to help you become a team of your own.